18 juli, 2018

Game Of War Fire Age Complaint About Losses Suffered While Game Froze Up Gets Cold Shoulder

I’m sure that this has happened to more than one player of MZ’s popular war strategy game, super mario run cheats Game of War, Fire Age. You are about to attack an enemy or about to get attacked. You have your finger on the right button and are waiting for the precise moment to strike. Your enemy won’t know what hit them. Then…nothing happens. The game just froze on you at the most unfortunate time. Your mind starts racing and you realize “Damn! I’m going to get zeroed.”

Getting “zeroed” is the absolute worst case scenario but game lag and occasional freezing or locking up in GOW does occur and it affects your strategy to a lesser diep io hacked version degree on multiple tasks. So;how does MZ,Machine Zone, treat complaints from individual players that have suffered losses when the game freezes up. Rather than try and explain their treatment of individuals, I’ll show you how they treated me by copying our email communication. You can most likely expect to be treated accordingly:

My Initial Complaint (I was angry):

“The game froze and I suffered huge losses from a rally. I was ready to put on a shield just when their march was sent and the game froze. I tried to put the shield twice and it failed so I quickly restarted twice but by then it was too late. I want compensation for the losses. This is ridiculous. I play regularly and build slowly so for this to happen is unforgivable..”

Machine Zone Support Response:


Thank you for contacting Machine Zone Support!

I鎶?sorry to hear that this happened to you. Whenever you experience this kind of issues, I would recommend you to force close this app and all other apps that are running in the background because they compete for internet bandwidth and device memory. This should correct any issues that you discover within the game, including lag.

Unfortunately, considering that this is an online MMO, we cannot guarantee stability as this is dependent on the player鎶?device and internet connection. Because of these factors we urge players not to wait for the last minute to perform actions. I would also advice to avoid activating multiple shields whenever you experience lag in the game.

We will not be able to compensate in regards bluestacks diep io hack to this issue or reverse the actions made in the game play. I am sorry for disappointing results.

Thank you for your understanding.”

My Reaction and Response:

“I find your reply a bit insulting. First and foremost, advising me to force close the app when a rally is about to take place merely tells me that MZ takes no responsibility for any momentary instability in it’s platform. Secondly, you assume that I had other apps open in the background interfering with my game play. I can assure you that was not the case. I have performed the same action of waiting till just before a rally to shield since I’ve started playing this game over a year ago.

I spent money over the last 3 months to build up my game power in order to enhance my enjoyment of the game. A good portion of it was all taken away when the game froze during this incident. Stating that game stability is solely based on exterior factors beyond MZ control is ludicrous and fictitious.

I have been rallied and zeroed before but only blamed myself for errors in judgement during my own game play. This is an entirely different case. The GOW game was operating in an unstable manner and as a result, I lost over 700k in mixed troops and 70k in mixed traps plus a large quantity of resources.

Saying that you are sorry is encouraging as it shows some remorse but it will not change the fact that I feel like I’ve been robbed. MZ must start taking some responsibility for issues that are beyond the control of the most important asset they possess….the people that play the game. Look beyond the money and start building good will.”

In Closing:

I am still awaiting a further reply but am not holding my breath.It seems that regardless of how great the recent TV commercials advertising this game have been, they can’t mask the less than stellar way the actual game runs on your device of choice. Perhaps that money could have been better spent investing in cleaning up the game code to make it more stable. You may be disappointed and lose any investment of time and/or money in the blink of an eye through no fault of your own. Don’t expect any sympathy from these game developers as they seem to have their sites set solely on the bottom line.

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