17 augustus, 2018

Gambling Question Answered

Applied Meta-Physics: A Pathway to Freedom; Freedom from Ad-dictions. The Meta-Physician answers a gambling question
Q. “When I gamble and win, I do not feel happy, and when I gamble and lose I get depressed for days, sometimes weeks. Why is this?”
The important thing to know about gambling is that it has very little to do with ‘money’ – but with the lessons you have to learn.
Money that comes to your through ‘your business’ is not yours, but belongs to all those who invest time and effort in generating the income.
You have developed an ad-diction to gambling because you do not understand the responsibility you have undertaken when dealing with money.
Your responsibility is to make sure that everyone within your company receives fair remuneration for the services they provide.
You may think you pay them, but you do not; the money passes through your hands, but does not belong to you. When you withhold from others, that which is rightfully theirs through their investment in time and effort, the Universal Law puts you under house arrest in order that you may learn your lesson.
The house arrest in this case is the gambling ad-diction with its accompanying lessons; the depression when you lose and the empty feeling even when you win.
The Spirit is calling you to awaken and distribute the money among those who work with you responsibly… then your ad-diction to gambling will become diminutive in force and as you traffic racer cheats dispense the money truthfully and faithfully you will free yourself forever from the ad-diction to gambling.
Continue to mistreat others, withhold money from them, try to appear ‘big’ through accumulating ‘lots of money’ and the universal law swings into action with more lessons and more severe depression and emptiness.
By asking yourself, and me, this very important question, you have taken the first step to freeing yourself. The next step is to re-appraise the income the company receives and see how you can distribute it more fairly.
You will, by doing so, free pokemon go cheats tool yourself from the misery you are creating by withholding income from your employees.
As you free them from their burdens by giving them what is righfully theirs, you shall be freed from the desire to gamble and the illusion of ‘happiness’ that the idea of ‘winning’ deceives you with and the feeling of emptiness that accompanies your losses.
These feelings are exactly what you are causing your employees to feel. When they work hard, there slither io hack jailbreak is no reward and when the business is quiet they feel worthless, empty.
These feelings are magnified in you, that you might learn how to become a faithful steward of the company’s resources and income.

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